On Sleep (Show Review- 4/22/2017, Houston, TX)

So I finally saw Sleep perform last Saturday night. My Queenie didn’t want to go so Marsh Man stepped in. Was my first time at White Oak Music Hall and I have to say the place was nice. Clean, non-smoking (except the occasional whiff of what makes this genre considered ‘Stoner Metal’), and LOUD AS HELL! I’m assuming it was sold out because the place was packed to the brim.

Show kicked off with Eagle Claw. They were an instrumental foursome who nail the doomy/ stoner sound. Songs droned on for just the right amount of time to not be redundant and riffs were consistently head-bangable. Next was American Sharks. They were a loud and fast three piece. Definitely brought many great pit’s that I could see from my vantage point in the balcony. Much faster than Eagle Claw and Sleep, but still seemed to fit the bill. Would see either of them again without hesitation.

Now for Sleep. After the just a little too long intro moon landing transmission (seemed to go on for about 10 minutes in a dark, packed, standing room only venue), they emerge. Not going to go into setlist and whatnot, but there was a hearty portion from Holy Mountain and some bits and pieces of Dopesmoker (although I never heard from The Weedian Nazareth). What is worth mentioning is how LOUD they get. I know that’s what they are known for, but still, it was pretty surprising nonetheless.

About 7 songs into the set Marsh Man and I trek down from the balcony to the floor and this is where they just blew me away. You could feel the bass through the concrete floor and the place was shoulder to shoulder from the stage to the bar. Definitely one of the more dense crowds I’d been in in a very long time. Matt Pike and the boys can really generate a strong buzz (see what I did there).

Ultimately we left a few minutes before they shut down. The vibration in the room was almost panic attack inducing and I wanted to beat the Stoner Metal crowd to the highway. From my car a block away though I could hear them winding down in a closed in venue. Did I mention they were LOUD? Marsh Man had never been to a show like that before and I hadn’t been in a long time so it was a good time had by all. Would not have been enjoyably for my Queenie (she prefers moderate to minimal noise) but I would definitely go again. Five out of Five stars, hearing loss and all. Stay loud friends! (TM)