‘Facepalm Friday’ and the Type O Negative show I never made it to because of Frederick Douglass.

When I was a teenager Peter Steele was as big as a god. Not the God, but a Roman one like Hercules. Literally. I thought there was no way Hercules could possibly be bigger than Peter. Whether it was his gynormous stature or the depth of his voice, he was definitely Legend-sized, at the very least. Maybe bigger. Being of such stature in every way, it should be no surprise he was also one of my idols. While my height resembled someone more Danzig’s size and, my weight was probably a little less than Sid Vicious at his most strung out, I still dreamed of being Peter-sized one day. It never happened.

Something else that sadly never happened was me ever getting to see this Herculean-sized man live. To add insult to injury, I even had a ticket to see Type O Negative in a small club (#’s for you Houstonians) back in 1999, and sold it the day of the show. Why did I sell it you ask? Family emergency? Hot date (who oddly didn’t love Peter Steele, yeah right)? Needed cash? Nope. I had a college test to study for! Yep. US History was testing me on ‘The Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass’ the next day and I had to study. Sold my ticket with the confidence of catching them next time, which never came around. Worst part was I still failed the class (although I must say Frederick Douglass led a super interesting life that is worth learning about, just not worth skipping a show for).

Sadly, as I’m sure most of you know, Peter died prematurely. Never got to see the closest man I thought one could ever get some legendary Roman god in real life. Peter was Hercules, and just like all legends, he lives on in our memories. Sadly, mine is just a memory of pictures and albums. No real life interactions. Learn from my mistake friends. Life is too short to skip the concert! Buy the tickets and go to the show! Nobody ever regretted all the concerts they went to, just the ones they missed. (TM)