‘Stay Away From Me Satan Sunday’ and What Jesus Music Can Teach Us About Demons and Judgment (a review on Casting Crowns Houston concert- 5/6/2017)

Here’s hoping I don’t alienate myself one week in…

Yesterday my Queenie and I snuck into a Christian Rock concert. Is there nothing possibly more dark and evil than that!?! Actually, we got free tickets at the last minute so the above was a total lie. Still though, we went without paying. How sacrilegious. Anyway, the band was Casting Crowns and they are one Queenie and I have seen several times already. Yes people, the Mortuary Magazine staff consists of Horror nut, heavy metal loving, fitness obsessed, periodically drinking, constant concert attending, saints. Yeah, we’re total sinners, but we also have a pretty solid relationship with Jesus. It’s a weird place to be, but it works for us. Maybe I’ll elaborate on that in a later article, but for now, back to sneaking into Jesus concerts.

Casting Crowns is mellow by metal’s standards. Shoot, they’re mellow by rock standards. Still though, singer/ songwriter Mark Hall can engage a crowd. Some of their heavier songs played were ‘Until the Whole World Hears’ and ‘Praise You in the Storm’. Again, totally mellow. If that’s not your thing, you might not dig it. The first time I saw them though, they played their song ‘Set Me Free’ and that sucker rocks metal! Not in actual musical heaviness, but in lyrical content. Mark sings about the man with many demons that Jesus addresses in Luke 8 (read the Bible people, it’s hands down some of the darkest, most twisted people I’ve ever read about in it). Anyway, as the story goes: dude is possessed, Jesus casts out demons, all is well, Casting Crowns sings about it.

Now, back to the show. The crowd was dense and the weather was perfect for an outdoor concert. It was a totally unexpected invite so I was probably the only person there in a Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees shirt, but that was ok. Perhaps that’s the lesson to be gleaned from this little review. I was there with my Queenie, all horror movie’d out, and these Jesus folks were just as nice to us as anyone else. I looked about as standoff-ish as possible with my big Frankenstein ring and Coop Devil goatee, but they didn’t care. For all they knew I was some lost cause, not a former ministry leader and theology school student. However, even though we looked like the former, we were still treated like the latter.

All in all, it was a fun show. Casting Crowns one of my favorite bands to see because Mark Hall is a great speaker and singer. He has funny stories and a relevant message. Their fan base stretches from horror nut, heavy metal loving theology students to ordained pastors of mega-churches, and everything in between. If you like the more mellow music and are not put off be being encouraged rather than degraded and downcast all the time, give em’ a spin sometime. I’m sure the heavy metal and horror community will forgive you, just like Jesus.